Transparency - Opendata API, version 0.3.1

This API grants access to all decisions and decrees issued by the Greek public authorities according to the Transparency law. All data is available under a Creative Commons - Attribution license.

The API uses RESTful-like calls and returns the data in XML format, according to the published XSD. The current version (0.3.1) supports the following operations:


Function URL Description
Decision Types api/types.xml Returns the Decision Types supported by Transparency. Some types impose additional metadata requirements to the published decisions.
Tags api/tags.xml Returns the Tags supported by Transparency. Each decision may have several tags.
Organizations api/organizations.xml Returns the Organizations currently registered with the program.
Units api/units.xml Returns the Operational Units of all organizations currently registered with the program.
It is possible to retrieve the operational units of a single Organization, by using the org parameter, e.g. api/units?org=ypes
Signers api/signers.xml Returns the Signers of all published decisions.
If is possible to retrieve the signers of a single Organization, by using the org parameter, e.g. api/signers?org=ypes. Is is also possible to retrieve the signers of a single operational unit, by using the unit parameter, e.g. api/signers?unit=2.

Note: The value of the org parameter is either the Unique ID of the organization (as specified by the uid attribute), or its latin shortcut (as specified by the latin_name element).

Content is returned in XML format by default. It is possible to return it in JSON, by adding the output=json parameter.

Searching decisions

You may search for decisions through the URL:

Possible parameters include:

Parameter Description Possible Values
ada Returns the decision of the specified Unique Publishing Code (UPC). The UPC of the decision.
org Returns the decisions issued by the specified Organizations. Unordered list* of Organizations' UIDs or latin shortcuts.
type Returns the decisions of any of the specified Decision Types. Unordered list of Decision Types' UIDs.
tag Returns the decisions tagged with any of the specified Tags. Unordered list of Tags' UIDs.
signer Returns the decisions signed by any of the specified Signer. Unordered list of Signers' UIDs.
unit Returns the decisions issued by the specified Operational Units. Unordered list of Units' UIDs.
datefrom / dateto Returns the decisions published between the specified dates. Date in the form: DD-MM-YYYY
from / count For performance reasons, the number of results returned by the API is limited to 500 decisions, with additional information about the number of total results being available in the queryInfo element. You may use the from and count parameters to retrieve additional results.
By default the results are returned in descending publishing time order. Thus, latest decisions will be returned first.
Integer between 1 and 500.

By default the API returns a compact form of the decisions in XML format. The output parameter specifies additional formats:

  • full. Returns a detailed form of the decisions, in XML format.
  • json. Returns a compact form of the decisions, in JSON format.
  • json_full. Returns a detailed form of the decisions, in JSON format.
  • rss. Returns an RSS 2.0 feed of the specified decisions.
  • atom. Returns an Atom feed of the specified decisions.

You may use this parameter for JSONP calls. Its value determines the Javascript callback function. This parameter is used only for the json and json_full types.

Name of the callback function.

By default, the API returns decisions in descending publishing time order. By using this argument, you may specify ascending order instead. This is required to ensure that all decisions are processed in cases where are retrieved by successive API calls.


*Unordered list consists of one or more values separated by semicolon (;)

For more information about the available data, see the corresponding XML Schema.


  • Python script that retrieves all decisions related with spending of public funds, by successive API calls.

Version History

Version 0.3.1

  • Signer details are returned with the detailed decision information, which is obtained using output=full or output=json_full.
  • Added the option of retrieving signers by unit, without specifying the organization, i.e. using /api/signers?[Unit ID]
  • Added the unit parameter to the decisions API.

Version 0.3

  • Added the active element to the XML Schema, in the definition of OrganizationDescription.
  • Return an empty result when the org parameter value does not map to an existent organization. If multiple org parameter values are passed, then the incorrect values are ignored.
  • Fixed the encoding of the data that is returned when asking for JSONP results.
  • Fixed the non-XML character problem in the XML result data.
  • Fixed the RSS/Atom results for non-existent org parameter values. If an invalid organization id or latin name is passed, then an empty feed is created, instead of showing stacktraces.
  • Fixed the RSS/Atom results for non-existent org parameter values. If more than organizations are defined, then the resulting feed will have a general title. Again, the invalid org parameter values are ignored.

Version 0.2.1

  • Added the callback parameter to the API.
  • Added the isCorrectionOfAda and relativeAda elements to the XML schema.
  • Filtering the results to strip invalid Unicode characters.

Version 0.2

  • Added the order parameter to the API.
  • The datefrom and dateto parameters now correspond to the publishing date rather than the paper document date.
  • HTTP Error 400 (Invalid arguments) will be returned for all invalid API parameters.